Bruce Eli Sagan

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1. An analog of Schensted's algorithm for shifted Young tableaux, J. Combin. Theory Ser. A, 27 (1979), 10-18, pdf.

1a. Also included in ``Young Tableaux in Combinatorics, Invariant Theory, and Algebra, an Anthology of Recent Work,'' Joseph P.S. Kung ed., Academic Press, New York (1982), 29-37.

2. A cyclic derivative in non-commutative algebra (with Gian-Carlo Rota and Paul Stein), J. Algebra 64 (1980), 54-75, pdf.

3. On selecting a random shifted Young tableau, J. Algorithms 1 (1980), 213-234, pdf.

4. Congruences derived from group action (with Gian-Carlo Rota), European J. Combin., 1 (1980), 67-76, pdf.

5. From sets to functions: 3 elementary examples (with Saj-Nicole Joni and Gian-Carlo Rota), Discrete Math., 37 (1981), 193-202, pdf.

6. Enumeration of partitions with hooklengths, European J. Combin., 3 (1982), 85-94, pdf.

7. Bijective proofs of certain vector partition identitites, Pacific J. Math. 102 (1982), 171-178, pdf.

8. A note on Abel polynomials and rooted labeled forests, Discrete Math., 44 (1983), 293-298, pdf.

9. Computer-aided analysis of monotonic sequence games (with Frank Harary and David West), Atti Accad. Perolitana Pericolanti Cl. Sci. Fis. Mat. Natur. 61 (1983), 67-78, pdf.

10. Signed posets (with Frank Harary), Bull. Calcutta Math. Soc. (1983), 3-10, pdf.

11. Congruences via Abelian groups, J. Number Theory 20 (1985), 210-237, pdf.

12. Bijective proofs of two broken circuit theorems (with Andreas Blass), J. Graph Theory 10 (1986), 15-21 pdf.

13. Shellability of exponential structures, Order, 3 (1986), 47-54, pdf.

14. Shifted tableaux, Schur Q-functions, and a conjecture of R. P. Stanley, J. Combin. Theory Ser. A, 45 (1987), 62-103, pdf.

15. A note on independent sets in trees, SIAM J. Discrete Math. 1 (1988), 105-108, pdf.

16. Inductive and injective proofs of log concavity results, Discrete Math., 68 (1988), 281-292, pdf.

17. Probabilistic algorithms for trees (with Yeong-Nan Yeh), Fibonacci Quart. 27 (1989), 201-208, pdf.

17a. Also included as a Rapport de Recherche, Université du Québec, Montréal (1987).

18. The ubiquitous Young tableau, in ``Invariant Theory and Tableaux,'' Dennis Stanton ed., IMA Volumes in Math. and its Applications, Vol. 19, Springer-Verlag, New York (1990), 262-298, ps or pdf.

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20. The twisted N-cube with application to multiprocessing (with Abdol-Hossein Esfahanian and Lionel M. Ni), IEEE Trans. Comput. 40 (1991), 88-93, pdf.

20a. Also appeared as: On enhancing hypercube multiprocessors, ``1988 International Conference on Parallel Processing,'' 86-89.

21. A maj statistic for set partitions, European J. Combin., 12 (1991), 69-79, pdf.

22. Eigenvectors and eigenvalues of some special graphs IV. Multi-level circulants (with Shyi-Long Lee, Yeung-Long Luo and Y.-N. Yeh), Int'l. J. Quantum Chem. 41 (1992), 105-116, pdf.

23. Log concave sequences of symmetric functions and analogs of the Jacobi-Trudi determinants, Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 329 (1992), 795-811, pdf.

24. Inductive proofs of q-log concavity, Discrete Math., 99 (1992), 298-306, pdf.

25. Congruence properties of q-analogs, Adv. in Math., 95 (1992), 127-143, pdf.

26. The Combinatorica software package, College Math. J. 23 (1992), 335-339, ps or pdf.

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28. Basic derivations for subarrangements of Coxeter arrangements (with Tadeusz Józefiak), J. Algebraic Combin. 2 (1993), 291-320, pdf.

29. Combinatorial proofs of hook generating function for skew plane partitions, Theoretical Computer Science 117 (1993) 273-287, pdf.

29a. Also appeared in: ``Series Formelles et Combinatoire Algebrique (Actes de Colloque, Bordeaux, 1991),'' 369-384.

30. Maximizing Möbius functions on subsets of Boolean algebras (with Yeong-Nan Yeh and Günter Ziegler), Discrete Math., 126 (1994), 293-311, pdf.

31. Partition lattice q-analogs associated with q-Stirling numbers (with Kathy Dempsey and Curtis Bennett ), J. Algebraic Combin., 3 (1994), 261-283, ps or pdf.

32. A generalization of Rota's NBC theorem, Adv. in Math., 111 (1995), 195-207, ps or pdf.

33. Enumeration of trees by inversions (with Ira M. Gessel and Yeong-Nan Yeh), J. Graph Theory, 19 (1995), 435-459, ps or pdf.

34. A relative of the Thue-Morse sequence (with Jean-Paul Allouche, André Arnold, Jean Berstel, Srećko Brlek, William Jockusch, and Simon Plouffe), Discrete Math., 139 (1995), 455-461, ps or pdf.

35. A generalization of semimodular supersolvable lattices (with Curtis Bennett ), J. Combin. Theory Ser. A, 72 (1995), 209-231, ps or pdf.

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42. Characteristic and Ehrhart polynomials (with Andreas Blass), J. Algebraic Combin., 7 (1998), 115-126, ps or pdf.

43. Unimodality and the reflection principle, Ars Combin., 48 (1998), 65-72, ps or pdf.

44. Why the characteristic polynomial factors, Bull. Amer. Math. Soc., 36 (1999), 113-134, ps or pdf.

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57. GCD matrices, posets, and nonintersecting paths (with Ercan Altinisik and Naim Tuglu), Linear Multilinear Algebra 53 (2005), 75-84, ps or pdf.

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59. A new notion of transitivity for groups (with William J. Martin), J. London Math. Soc. 73 (2006), 1-13, ps or pdf.

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65. The Möbius function of a composition poset, (with Vincent Vatter ), J. Algebraic Combin., 24 (2006), 117-136, ps or pdf.

66. Counting permutations by congruence class of major index (with Hélène Barcelo and Sheila Sundaram ), Adv. in Appl. Math., 39 (2007), 269-281, ps , or pdf.

67. What power of two divides a weighted Catalan number? (with Alex Postnikov ), J. Combin. Theory Ser. A, 114 (2007), 970-977, ps , or pdf.

68. Proper partitions of a polygon and k-Catalan numbers, Ars Combin., 88 (2008), 109-124, ps, or pdf.

69. A human proof for a generalization of Shalosh B. Ekhad's 10n Lattice Paths Theorem (with N. Loehr and G. Warrington) Ars Combin., 89 (2008), 421-429, ps, or pdf.

70. Set partition statistics and q-Fibonacci numbers (with Adam Goyt), European J. Combin., 30 (2009), 230-245, ps, or pdf.

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88. On 021-avoiding ascent sequences (with William Y. C. Chen, Alvin Y. L. Dai, Theodore Dokos, and Tim Dwyer), Electronic J. Combin., 20(1) (2013), P76, 6 pages, pdf

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90a. Inversion polynomials for 321-avoiding permutations: addendum (with Szu-En Cheng, Sergi Elizalde, and Anisse Kasraoui), arXiv:1305.3845, pdf.

91. m-level rook placements (with Kenneth Barrese, Nicholas Loehr, and Jeffrey Remmel ), J. Combin. Theory Ser. A, 124 (2014), 130-165, pdf.

92. Descent sets for symplectic groups (with Martin Rubey, and Bruce Westbury), J. Algebraic Combin., 40 (2014), 187-208, pdf.

93. The fractal nature of the Fibonomial triangle (with Xi Chen), Integers, 14 (2014), A3, 12 pp., pdf.

94. Generalized Fibonacci polynomials and Fibonomial coefficients (with Tewodros Amdeberhan, Xi Chen and Victor H. Moll), Ann. Combin., 18 (2014), 541-562, pdf.

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116. backbone: an R package for backbone extraction of weighted graphs (with Rachel Domagalski and Zachary Neal), PLoS One, (2021), 20 pp. (electronic), pdf.

117. Analysis of spatial networks from bipartite projections using the R backbone package (with Rachel Domagalski and Zachary Neal), Geogr. Anal., (2021), 25 pp. (electronic), pdf.

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128. Rooted partitions and number-theoretic functions, Ramanujan J., accepted, pdf.

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130. Cyclic shuffle-compatibility via cyclic shuffle algebras (with Jinting Liang, and Yan Zhuang ), Ann. Combin., accepted, pdf.

131. Difference ascent sequences (with Mark Dukes), Adv. in Appl. Math.,submitted, pdf.