Dapeng Zhan



Department of Mathematics, Michigan State University


Office:                    C327 Wells Hall

Phone:                   517-353-3838

Email:                     zhan@math.msu.edu

Education:             Ph.D.  California Institute of Technology, 2004


Teaching in Spring, 2020


MTH 992: Brownian motion and stochastic analysis. [Notes, completed]


Teaching in Fall, 2019


MTH 320: Analysis I. [Website]

MTH 925: Random Variables and Stochastic Processes. [Notes] (completed).

Office hours: Mon: 2 每 3 pm, Tue: 9 每 10 am, Thu: 1 每 2 pm, or by email appointment.


Teaching in Spring, 2019


MTH 992: Random Variables and Stochastic Processes, II. [Notes] (Completed).


Research Interests


Probability Theory, Schramm-Loewner evolution (SLE), Statistical lattice models

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Professional Experiences


Professor                                   Michigan State University             2017 - present

Associate Professor                     Michigan State University             2012 - 2017

Assistant Professor                      Michigan State University             2009 - 2012

Gibbs Assistant Professor             Yale University                                  2007 - 2009

Morrey Assistant Professor           UC Berkeley                                    2004 - 2007


Awards and Grants

Simons Fellowship (2016)

Salem Prize (2012)

Sloan Research Fellowship (2011-2015)

NSF CAREER award: DMS 1056840 (2011-2018)

NSF Grant: DMS 0963733 (2009-2013)




0.    Random Loewner Chains in Riemann Surfaces, PhD dissertation at Caltech, 2004.

1.   Stochastic Loewner evolution in doubly connected domains, Probability Theory and Related Fields, 129:340-380, 2004

2.    Some properties of annulus SLE. Electronic Journal of Probability, 11:1069-1093, 2006.

3.    The scaling limits of planar LERW in finitely connected domains. Annals of Probability, 36(2):467-529, 2008.

4.    Reversibility of chordal SLE. Annals of Probability, 36(4):1472-1494, 2008.

5.    Duality of chordal SLE. Inventiones Mathematicae, 174(2):309-353, 2008.

6.    Continuous LERW started from interior points. Stochastic Processes and their Applications, 120:1267-1316, 2010.

7.    Reversibility of some chordal SLE(百;老) traces. Journal of Statistical Physics, 139(6):1013-1032, 2010.

8.    Duality of chordal SLE, II. Ann. I. H. Poincare-Pr., 46(3):740-759, 2010.

9.    Loop-erasure of planar Brownian motion. Communications in Mathematical Physics, 133(3):709-720, 2011.

10. Restriction properties of annulus SLE. Journal of Statistical Physics, 146(5):1026-1058, 2012.

11. Reversibility of Whole-Plane SLE. Probability Theory and Related Fields, 161(3):561-618, 2015.

12. Ergodicity of the tip of an SLE curve. Probability Theory and Related Fields, 164(1):333-360, 2016.

13. Backward SLE and symmetry of welding. (with Steffen Rohde) Probability Theory and Related Fields, 164(3):815-863, 2016.

14. Higher moments of the natural parameterization for SLE curves. (with Mohammad A. Rezaei) Ann. I. H.  Poincare-Pr., 53(1):182-199, 2017.

15. Boundary arm exponents for SLE. (with Hao Wu)  Electronic Journal of Probability, 22, Paper no. 89, 26 pp, 2017.

16. Green's function for chordal SLE curves. (with Mohammad A. Rezaei) To appear in Probability Theory and Related Fields.

17. Decomposition of Schramm-Loewner evolution along its curve. To appear in Stochastic Processes and their Applications.

18. Decomposition of backward SLE in the capacity parameterization. (with Benjamin Mackey) To appear in Stat. Probab. Lett.

19. Optimal Hölder continuity and dimension properties for SLE with Minkowski content parametrization. To appear in Probability Theory and Related Fields.

20. Multipoint estimates for radial and whole-plane SLE. (with Benjamin Mackey) In preprint, to appear in Journal of Statistical Physics.




1.    SLE loop measures, arXiv:1702.08026, 2017.

2.    Two-curve Green's function for $2$-SLE: the interior case. In preprint, arXiv:1806.09663, 2018.

3.    Two-curve Green's function for $2$-SLE: the boundary case. In preprint, arXiv:1901.00254, 2019.

4.    Time-reversal of multiple-force-point SLE$_\kappa(\rho)$ with all force points lying on the same side, In preprint, arXiv:1906.06005, 2019.