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  • Locally finite simple groups of finitary linear transformations
    in: "Finite and Locally Finite Groups," eds. B. Hartley, G.M. Seitz, A. Borovik, and R.M. Bryant,
    Kluwer 1995, 147-188 in .pdf, in .dvi

  • Notes on composition algebras
    Notes motivated by the "Generalized Hexagon" draft Chapter of Buekenhout and Cohen's book.
    (November 2000, revised April 2012) in .pdf.

  • Triality (after Tits)
    Notes for a series of lectures given in the Group Theory Seminar at Michigan State Univeristy
    (Spring Semester 2012)

  • On Moufang 3-nets and groups with triality
    with G.P. Nagy,
    Acta Sci. Math. (Szeged) 67 (2001), 675-685. in .pdf, in .dvi

  • Extensions of periodic linear groups with finite unipotent radical
    with Richard E. Phillips, Julianne G. Rainbolt, and Ulrich Meierfrankenfeld,
    Comm. in Alg. 31 (2003), 959-968. in .pdf, in .dvi
    Erratum: in .pdf, in .dvi

  • Lagrange's theorem for Moufang loops
    with S.M. Gagola III,
    Acta Sci. Math. (Szeged) 71 (2005), 45-64. in .pdf, in .dvi

  • A characterization of the P-geometry for M23
    with S.V. Shpectorov,
    Adv. Geom. 5 (2005), 421-430. in .pdf

  • Periodic simple groups of finitary linear transformations
    Annals of Mathematics 163 (2006), 445-498. in .pdf

  • Rank 3 Latin square designs
    with Alice Devillers,
    Journal of Combinatorial Theory (Series A) 113 (2006), 894-902. in .pdf, in .dvi

  • Extensions of isomorphisms for affine grassmannians over F2
    with Rieuwert J. Blok,
    Adv. Geom. 6 (2006), 225-241. in .pdf

  • A characterization of the full wreath product
    J. Algebra 300 (2006), 529-554. in .pdf, in .dvi

  • Smith's Theorem and a characterization of the 6-cube as distance-transitive graph
    with M.R. Alfuraidan,
    J. Algebraic Combin. 24 (2006), 195-207. in .pdf

  • Alternating forms and transitive locally grid geometries
    European J. Combin. 28 (2007), 1473-1492, in .pdf, in .dvi

  • Central automorphisms of Latin square designs and loops
    Quasigroups Related Systems 15 (2007), 19-46. in .pdf

  • Locally finite simple Moufang loops
    Turkish J. Math. 31 (2007), 45-61. in .pdf

  • Construction of even length binary sequences with asymptotic merit factor 6
    with Tingyao Xiong,
    IEEE Trans. Inform. Theory 54 (2008), 931-935. in .pdf

  • Groups with triality
    RIMS Kokyuroku (Japan) 1593 (2008), 1-9. in .pdf

  • Imprimitive distance-transitive graphs with primitive core of diameter at least three
    with M.R. Alfuraidan,
    Michigan Math. J. 58 (2009), 31-77. in .pdf

  • The local recognition of reflection graphs of spherical Coxeter graphs
    with R. Gramlich, A. Straub,
    J. Algebraic Combin. 32 (2010), 1-14. in .pdf

  • On Mikheev's construction of enveloping groups
    Comm. Math. Univ. Carolinae 51 (2010), 245-252.

  • Modifications of modified Jacobi sequences
    with Tingyao Xiong,
    IEEE Trans. Inform. Theory 57 (2011), 493-504.

  • The structure of rank 3 permutation modules for O_2n^+(2) and U_m(2) acting on nonsingular points
    with H.N. Nguyen,
    J. Algebra 333 (2011), 295-317.

  • Central automorphisms, Z*-theorems, and loop structure
    Quasigroups and related systems 19 (2011), 69-108.

  • On the permutation modules for orthogonal groups O_m(3) acting on nonsingular points of their standard modules
    with H.N. Nguyen,
    J. of Pure and Applied Algebra 216 (2011), 581-592.

  • Moufang loops and groups with triality are essentially the same thing
    to appear as Memoir of the American Mathematical Society; accepted version of 26 October 2016, 202 pages.

  • Lie algebras, 2-groups and cotriangular spaces
    with A.E. Brouwer, A.M. Cohen, H. Cuypers, E. Postma,
    Adv. Geom., to appear.

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