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REU on Fault Tolerant SFTsSummer 2024

Previous Teaching and Mentoring

Math 810.01, Error Correcting CodesSpring 2024Michigan State
NRT: Sublinear-Time Algorithms and SFTsSpring 2024Michigan State
Math 461.01, Metric and Topological SpacesFall 2023Michigan State
Math 496.01, Fourier AnalysisSpring 2023Michigan State
CMSE 890.02, Fast Algs for Big DataSpring 2023Michigan State
Math 994.01, High-Dim. ProbabilityFall 2022Michigan State
Sublinear-Time Algorithms and SFTsSummer 2022CRM - Montreal
SURIEM REU: Phase Retrieval ProjectSummer 2021Michigan State
Math 810.01, Error Correcting CodesSpring 2021Michigan State
Math 994.05, CS and High Dim. ProbabilityFall 2020Michigan State
CMSE 890.02, Fast Algorithms for Big DataFall 2020Michigan State
Math 133.(22 -- 28), Calc II w/ Comp.Spring 2019Michigan State
CMSE 890.003, Math. Foundns for Data ScienceFall 2018Michigan State
Math 133.(16 -- 20, & 23), Calc II w/ Comp.Fall 2018Michigan State
SURIEM REU: Function Learning ProjectSummer 2018Michigan State
Math 133.40 & 133.41, Calc II for EGR StudentsSpring 2018Michigan State
Math 133.40 & 133.41, Calc II for EGR StudentsFall 2017Michigan State
Math 133.37, Calc II for EGR StudentsSpring 2017Michigan State
CMSE 823.01, Numerical Linear AlgebraFall 2016Michigan State
Math 133.62, Calc II for EGR StudentsFall 2016Michigan State
SURIEM REU: Mathematics of MRISummer 2016Michigan State
Math 490.03, Fourier AnalysisSpring 2016Michigan State
Math 310.02, Abstract Algebra IFall 2015Michigan State
ECE 366.01, Int. Signal Proc.Spring 2015Michigan State
Math 995.01, Compressive
Sensing & Big Data
Spring 2015Michigan State
Math 254H.01, Hon. Mult. Calc.Fall 2014Michigan State
National REU ProgramSummer 2014Michigan State
Math 995.03, Compressive
Sensing (CS) & Big Data
Spring 2014Michigan State
Math 314.01, Linear Alg. IFall 2013Michigan State
Math 361, Num. AnalysisSpring 2013Duke University
Math 487.01, Math. LogicFall 2012Duke University
Math 221/104.02, Lin. AlgebraFall 2011Duke University
Math 222/105.01, Vec. Calc.Spring 2011Duke University
Math 393/192, Ind. StudySpring 2011Duke University
Math 212/103.08, Multivar. Calc.Fall 2010Duke University
Math 4997W-006, Senior Proj.Summer 2010University of Minnesota
Math 4991-001, Ind. StudySpring 2010University of Minnesota
REU Team MentorSummer 2009 IMA
Math 216, Intro. to Diff. Equns Fall 2007 University of Michigan
Math 215, Calculus IIIFall 2005University of Michigan
Math 116, Calculus IIWinter 2005 &
Fall 2006
University of Michigan
Math 115, Calculus IWinter 2004University of Michigan
Math 105, AlgebraFall 2003University of Michigan
Math 117, TrigonometrySpring 2002 UW – Milwaukee