Department of ECE

Intro Signal Processing, ECE 366-001

Instructor: Mark Iwen
Time and Place: MWF 8:00 am -- 8:50 am, in BPS 1415
Office: C342 WH
Office Hours: M and W 9:15 am -- 10:15 am, and by appointment
Grader Office Hours: Th 11:00 am -- noon in EB 2219, and
M 10:20 -- 11:20 am in EB 2226.

This course is about signals and their interaction with systems. A signal is a quantity of interest that is usually a function of time. A system takes a signal (input), performs an operation on it, and produces another signal (output). Tools for the analysis of signals and a special class of systems (linear and time-invariant systems) will be introduced in both the time-domain and frequency-domain. The frequency-domain provides an insightful, alternative perspective of signals and systems and greatly simplifies their analysis. These analysis tools will be presented for both continuous-time and discrete-time signals and systems. In many instances, discrete-time signals and systems arise from the sampling of their continuous-time counterparts so as to facilitate their analysis with digital computers. Signals and systems are omnipresent, and the practical applications of the theory presented in this course are numerous.

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Linear Systems and Signals, Second Edition, by B. P. Lathi.
Oxford University Press, ISBN 978-0195158335

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