Professor Thomas H. Parker

Professor of Mathematics

Michigan State University

Contact Information
D216 Wells Hall
Tel: (517) 353-8493

Office hours on Zoom: Zoom link
Monday 5--6 pm
Tuesday 7--8 pm
Thursday 3--4 pm
and by appointment (email to set up time).

Research Interests: My research is in geometric analysis and its connections with mathematical physics. This field involves intriguing combinations of ideas and techniques from several different fields, including algebraic geometry, differential geometry, topology, and partial differential equations. My recent work uses analytic methods to study Gromov-Witten invariants.

Current Teaching:   Math 327H Honors Real Analysis                                                                Courses taught previous semesters

Other Information:   CV

My Ph.D. Students:
1994 Liviu Nicolaescu (Professor, Notre Dame University).
1996 Eleny-Nicoleta Ionel (Professor, Stanford University).
2001 Junho Lee (Associate Professor, Central Florida University).
2005 Jens Von Bergmann.
2011 Kwangho Choi (Lecturer, Dongguk University, Korea).
2014 Manousos Maridakis.
2016 Ákos Nagy (Visiting Assistant Professor, U.C. Santa Barbara).
2021 Woongbae Park (Post-doctoral Associate, University of Pittsburgh).

Current: Alan (Zhe) Zhang and Keshav Sutrave.

Fellow of the American Mathematical Society, 2013
Member, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ, 2001-2002.
Frame Teaching Award, MSU Mathematics Department, 1998, 2014.
Phi Beta Kappa Teaching Award, Harvard University, 1982

Selected Publications and Preprints

Mathematics Education Publications

Elementary Mathematics for Teachers (with S. Baldridge), Sefton-Ash Publishing, 2004.
Elementary Geometry for Teachers (with S. Baldridge), Sefton-Ash Publishing, 2008.

These two textbooks are designed for a year-long course on "Mathematics for Elementary (and Middle) School Teachers" taught in a mathematics department. Both are used in conjunction with actual elementary school texts --- the outstanding "Primary Mathematics" books from Singapore.The first book focuses on arithmetic; the second focuses on measurement and geometry, and includes probability and statistics. Available online here (but not on Amazon).

Instructor resources for the above two textbooks are freely available at this site.

A Study of Core-Plus Students Attending Michigan State University (with R. Hill). A study involving over 3000 Michigan students found that students arriving at Michigan State University from four high schools which began using the Core-Plus Mathematics program placed into, and enrolled in, increasingly lower level courses as the implementation progressed. The existence of a downward trend is statistically statistically very robust (p<.0001). The grades these students earned in their mathematics courses were also below average (p<.01). American Math. Monthly, 113 (2006), 905-921.