The following preprints may be viewed by clicking below:

  1. Finite Groups Of Local Characteristic p (Joint with many)
  2. A non-linear locally finite simple group with a p-group as centralizer
  3. Fixed point spaces, primitive character degrees and conjugacy class sizes (joint with I. M. Isaacs, Thomas Keller and Alexander Moretó)
  4. Hypersolvable Groups (joint with Ahmet Arikan)
  5. The maximal 2-local subgroups of the Monster and the Babymonster (Joint with Sergey Shpectorov)
  6. A thin near hexagon with 50 points (Joint with Rieuwert Blok and Bart De Bruyn)
  7. On normalizers of nilpotent subgroups (Joint with Bernd Baumann)
  8. Extensions Of Periodic Linear Groups (Joint with Dick Phillips, Juli Rainbolt and Jon Hall)
  9. Locally Finite Simple Groups of 1-Type (Joint with Stefaan Delcroix )
  10. On the Center of Maximal Subgroups of Locally Finite Simple Groups of Alternating Type (Joint with Neil Flowers)
  11. Counting Involutions (Joint with Michael Aschbacher and Bernd Stellmacher)
  12. Non-finitary,locally finite,simple groups
  13. Ru and HS are in E7(5)( Joint with Peter Kleidmann and Alex Ryba)
  14. A computerfree construction of J4( Joint with Sasha Ivanov)
  15. Simple connectedness of the 3-local geometry of the Monster (Joint with Sasha Ivanov)
  16. On the generalized Fitting subgroup of locally finite finitary groups
  17. A note on the cohomolgy of finitary modules
  18. Ascending subgroups of finitary linear groups
  19. Perfect Frobenius Complements
  20. A Computer-Free Construction of the Lyons Group (Joint with Chris Parker)
  21. A characterization of the natural modules for classical groups