Wei-Hsuan Yu              

Visiting Assistant Professor
Mathematics Department, Michigan State University East Lansing.
E-mail: weihsuan@math.msu.edu 
Office: Well C331

I am currently a visiting assistant professor at the Mathematics Department, Michigan State University, working under the supervision of Yang Wang and Mark Iwen. Aditya Viswanathan, and Xiafeng Hu are also in our research group.  


Research Interests

Harmonic analysis, discrete geometry, frame theory, semi-definite programming (SDP), spherical t-design and their links with algebraic combinatorics.

Educational background
2014 Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Maryland College Park, MD.   Advisor: Alexander Barg / John J. Benedetto
         M.S., Mathematics, National Taiwan Normal University.
         B. S., Mathematics, National Tsing-Hua University.


 A. Barg, W-H. Yu, New upper bounds for spherical two-distance sets, Experimental Math., 22,   no. 2, 2013, 187-194.  arXiv:1204.5268  

2. A. Barg, W-H. Yu, New bounds for equiangular lines. Discrete Geometry and Algebraic Combinatorics, A. Barg and O. Musin, Editors, AMS Series: Contemporary Mathematics, vol. 625, 2014, 111-121. arXiv:1311.3219

3. A. Barg, K. Okoudjou, A. Glazyrin and W-H. Yu, Finite two-distance tight frames. Linear Algebra and its Application , Volume 474, 15 June 2015, 163-175 arXiv:1402.3521.

4. T. Okuda and W-H. Yu, A new relative bound for equiangular lines and nonexistence of tight spherical designs of harmonic index 4. European Journal of Combinatorics, vol. 53 April 2016 96-103. arXiv:1409.6995.

5. Y. Zhu, Eiichi Bannai, Etsuko Bannai, K-T. Kim and W-H. Yu, More on spherical designs of harmonic index T. (Submitted) arXiv:1507.05373

6. There are no 76 equiangular lines in R^{19}. (Submitted) arXiv:1511.08569

7. New bounds for equiangular lines and spherical two-distance sets. (Submitted) arXiv: 1609.01036

8. A. Glazyrin and W-H. Yu, Upper bounds for s-distance sets and equiangular lines. (Submitted) arXiv:1611.09479


  • WPI talk slide 2015 Aug.
  • Anhui University, Bannai 70th Birthday Algebraic Combinatorcis conference