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Sebastian Troncoso

I am originally from Santiago, Chile. I completed my undergraduate work and master's degree in mathematics at Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. After earning my master's degree, I moved to the USA to pursue my PhD at Michigan State University. I graduated on the summer of 2017 from Michigan State University under the direction of Aaron Levin. I am currently a visiting instructor of mathematics at Birmingham-Southern College.
After teaching for 11 years I can just say that I love what I do, and I am thrilled to be promoting a STEM career.

Research interests:

Arithmetic Dynamics, Morton-Silverman's Uniform Boundedness Conjecture, Arithmetic Geometry, Number Theory.

Upcoming conference:

Contact information:
Mathematics Department
Birmingham-Southern College
900 Arkadelphia Road/ BOX 549032
Birmingham, Alabama 35254-9021

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Office phone number: 205-226-3024