"Notes on Coding Theory" -- J.I. Hall

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  • Title Page; Preface; Table of Contents (in .pdf)

  • Chapter 1. Introduction (in .pdf)

  • Chapter 2. Sphere Packing and Shannon's Theorem (in .pdf)

  • Chapter 3. Linear Codes (in .pdf)

  • Chapter 4. Hamming Codes (in .pdf)

  • Chapter 5. Generalized Reed-Solomon Codes (in .pdf)

  • Chapter 6. Modifying Codes (in .pdf)

  • Chapter 7. Codes over Subfields (in .pdf)

  • Chapter 8. Cyclic Codes (in .pdf)

  • Chapter 9. Weight and Distance Enumeration (in .pdf)

  • Algebra Appendix Introduction (in .pdf)

  • Chapter A.1. Basic Algebra (in .pdf)

  • Chapter A.2. Polynomials Algebra over Fields (in .pdf)

  • Chapter A.3. Special Topics (in .pdf)

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