June 4 - 9, 2018, Moscow, Russia

Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Higher School of Economics

Interdisciplinary Scientific Center J.-V. Poncelet, Steklov Math. Institute




Practical details


Program of the previous 5th Workshop 6-11 June 2016


Monday, June 6

(at the Independent University of Moscow)


9:50-10:00 Opening

10:00-11:00 J.Andersen (QGM Aarhus, Denmark)

Geometric quantisation of Higgs moduli spaces

11:10-12:10 G. Borot (MPIM, Bonn, Germany)

CohFTs from 2d rational CFTs


coffee break


12:40-13:30 E. Getzler (Northwestern Univ., Chicago, USA)

The analogue of the Moore-Seiberg classification of modular functors in open-closed two-dimensional field theory




15:00-15:50 A. Bondal (Steklov, Moscow)

Generalized moduli of pointed curves

15:50-16:40 A. Belavin (ITP, Chernogolovka)

Flat coordinates for the deformed Gepner Rings and Schur polynomials


tea break


17:00-17:50  J. Harnad (Concordia Univ., Montreal)

Weighted Hurwitz numbers, tau-functions and topological recursion


17:50-18:30  N. Do (Monach Univ., Australia) and M. Karev (St. Petersburg Univ.)

Double monotone and strict monotone Hurwitz numbers

18:30-19:00  A. Shapiro and G. Schrader (Berkeley Univ., USA)

Quantum groups and cluster algebras


19:00 Welcome party at the IUM.



Tuesday, June 7

(at the Steklov Mathematical of Institute)


10:00-11:00 M.Kazaryan (Steklov and HSE, Moscow)

Universal cohomological expressions for strata in genus zero Hurwitz spaces

11:10-12:10  P. Norbury (Melbourne Univ., Australia)

Irregular spectral curves and Givental decomposition


coffee break


12:40-13:30 P. Sulkowski (Caltech, USA, and Warsaw Univ., Poland)

Matrix models and quantization




15:00-15:40 M. Cafasso (Univ. Angers, France)

The Borodin-Okounkov identity and topological tau functions

15:40-16:10 A. Alexandrov (Concordia Univ., Montreal, Canada)

Open intersection numbers, MKP integrable hierarchy and W-constraints

16:10-16:40 B. Safnuk (Univ. of Central Michigan, USA)

Topological recursion for open intersection numbers


tea break



17:00-17:30 S. Morier-Genoud (Jussieu- Paris Rive Gauche, France)

Friezes, moduli spaces and difference equations

17:30-18:00 S. Nawata (QGM, Aarhus, Denmark)

Exact results with codimension two defects

18:00-18:30 J. Yagi (Warsaw Univ., Poland)

Branes, TQFTs and integrable lattice models

18:40-19:00 P. Kucharski (Warsaw Univ., Poland)

Knots, BPS states, and algebraic curves


 Wednesday, June 8

(at the Steklov Mathematical Institute)


10:00-11:00 M. Mazzocco (Loughborough Univ., UK)

Painleve monodromies and quantum cluster algebras

11:10-12:10 A. Okounkov (Columbia Univ., USA and HSE, Moscow)

Elliptic stable envelope


coffee break


12:40-13:40 Rei Inoue (Chiba Univ., Japan)

The cluster structure of geometric R-matrices


lunch, <afternoon and evening free>



 Thursday, June 9

(at the Steklov Mathematical Institute)


10:00-11:00 R. Kashaev (Univ. Geneva, Switzerland)

Four-dimensional aspects of the Teichmuller TQFT

11:10-12:10 V. Fock (Strasbourg Univ., France)

Inverse spectral problem for GK integrable system


coffee break


12:30-13:30 A. Marshakov (Lebedev Phys. Inst., ITEP, and HSE, Moscow)

W-algebras, twist fields, and isomonodromic deformations




15:00-16:00 A. Mironov (Lebedev Phys. Inst. and ITEP, Moscow)

Matrix models, check operators, and modular kernels in CFT

16:00-16:30 D. Lewanski (Univ. of Amsterdam)

On Hurwitz enumerative problems

16:30-17:00 P. Dunin-Barkovsky (ITEP and Univ. of Amsterdam)

Dubrovin's superpotential as a global spectral curve


tea break


17:10-17:40 M. Manabe (Warsaw Univ., Poland)

Super quantum curves as super Virasoro singular vector

17:40-18:20 P. Tumarkin (Durham Univ., UK)

Quotients of Coxeter groups, cluster algebras and marked surfaces

18:20-19:00 Sh. Shakirov (Berkeley Univ. USA) and A. Popolitov (Univ. of Amsterdam and ITEP)

Exact solutions to matrix models in the strong coupling limit


19:00 workshop dinner at the Steklov Mathematical Institute



Friday, June 10

(at the Independent Univ. of Moscow)


10:00-11:00 B. Dubrovin (SISSA, Trieste, Italy)

Generating series for GUE correlators

11:10-12:00 P. Zograf (St.Petersburg Department of Math. Inst. RAS)

Local index theorem for cofinite Fuchsian groups


coffee break


12:30-13:20 D. Orlov (Steklov, Moscow)

Noncommutative varieties and their geometric realizations




15:00-15:50 O.Marchal (Univ. St.Etienne, France)

Loop equations from differential systems

16:00-16:50 S. Natanzon (HSE and ITEP, Moscow)

Formal solution to the h-KP hierarchy


tea break


17:00-17:50 D. Korotkin (Concordia Univ., Montreal)

Symplectic geometry of the moduli space of projective structures in homological coordinates

17:50-18:20 A. Buryak (ETH, Zurich, Switzerland)

Double ramification hierarchies

18:20-18:50 A. Sleptsov (ITEP, Moscow)

Vassiliev invariants for pretzel knots


Saturday, June 11

(at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology)


10:00-10:50 Chaiho Rim (Sogang Univ., Korea)

Matrix model for irregular conformal block and spectral curve

11:00-11:40 V. Kulikov (Steklov Math. Inst., Moscow)

On rigid G-surfaces and rigid plane curves


coffee break


12:00-12:50 T. Nakanishi (Nagoya Univ., Japan)

Generalized cluster algebras and dilogarithms of higher degrees






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