June 4 - 9, 2018, Moscow, Russia

Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Higher School of Economics

Interdisciplinary Scientific Center J.-V. Poncelet, Steklov Math. Institute




Practical details


This is an outdated practical details section of the 5th Workshop 6-11 June 2016

On Monday, June 6th, (opening) and Friday, June 10th, the workshop will take place at the Independent University, 11 Bolshoi Vlassievsky pereulok, 119002 Moscow. The nearest metro stations are: Smolenskaja (line 3 = dark blue, not to be confused with the other station of the same name on the line 4 = light blue) and Kropotkinskaja (line 1 = red), see this map (in russian, with detailed instructions) or another map (in English). The conference room is the main conference hall on the fourth floor. The lunch will be in the IUM canteen plus there are many small restaurants close to the university.

On Tuesday--Thursday (June 7-9), the workshop will be hosted by the Steklov Mathematical Institute, Gubkin 8, 119991, Moscow. The nearest metro stations are: Akademicheskaya (orange line) from which there is a 15-minute walk or Leninsky Prospekt (orange line) and Universitet (red line) from which one may take a tram No. 3 or 39 to the stop “ulica Gubkina”. The Institute is also in a 5-minute walk from Leninsky Prospect, stop “Univermag Moskva.” All lectures will take place at the Conference Hall on 9th floor of the Steklov Institute.

The last working day of the workshop, Saturday June 11th, will be at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology located just outside of the Moscow Beltway. There will be a specially organised transportation of participants to and from the Institute site.

How to get to the IUM.


From "Smolenskaya"(appr. 7 min.): Cross Arbat street near "MacDonalds", pass  one block along Denezhny side-street (the monumental building of the Ministry of  Foreign Affairs will be on your right), then turn to the left and pass two blocks along Sivtsev Vrazhek side-street. Turn to the right and walk about 20 meters along Bolshoy Vlasyevskiy side-street. IUM is located on your right in a four-storey building inside the yard.

From "Kropotkinskaya"(appr. 12 min): Get out of the metro through the exit to the Gogolevskiy boulevard. Pass through the arch, turn to the left and cross the boulevard. Pass five blocks along Gagarinskiy side-street, then turn to the right and walk about 50 meters along Bolshoy Vlasyevskiy side-street. IUM is located on your left in a four-storey building inside the yard.

See also the map.


Location of the Steklov Mathematical Institute

The Institute is located at the corner of Gubkina str. and Vavilova str. The formal address is Ulica Gubkina 8. It can be reached through both the gates faced ul.Gubkina and the gates faced ul.Vavilova (ul.=ulica=street)

It can be reached from the metro station "Akademicheskaya" (15 min walk): take the NW exit from the metro, then walk along Dmitriya Ul'yanova street (with the boulvard in the middle) to the next big street (with railways for trams) called Vavilov street, turn right and alk less than one block until (open) iron gates on the left side (Vavilov st.40). Immediately after the gates there is the 3-store building of the computer center of Academy of Sciences and beyond it the 9-store modern looking yellow building of the Steklov Institute.

From the metro station "University": trams 39 and 3 to the stop "Ulica Gubkina" (southbound).

From the metro station "Leninskii Prospekt": trams 39 and 3 to the stop "Ulica Gubkina" (northbound).

From the Moscow State University: bus 119, minibus 400 (until the bus stop "Univermag Moskva"), 57,119 (until the bus stop "ul. Dmitriya Uljanova"). In the first case go by Gubkina str., in the second  -- by Vavilova str. (to the left).

See the map_Steklov.pdf

By far, the most convenient way to go from and to Moscow airports is by trains. They run from 6am till midnight to Moscow metro stations (nonstop): from Sherem evo (SVO) to metro Belorusskii Vokzal (Green and Circular line)  from Domodedovo (DME) to metro Paveletskii Vokzal (Green and Circular line)  from Vnukovo (VNU) to metro Kievskii Vokzal (Blue and Circular line) 

Other options are related to numerous cab companies as at the modern exchange rate between rouble and Euro, a price of a pre-ordered ride is 20 Euros or less to any point inside Moscow from any of the above airports, so on an individual basis we ll organize shared rides of participants to and from HSE Guesthouse or conference sites.

Guesthouse at Higher School of Economics.

Most of participants will be accommodated at the Guesthouse of Higher School of Economics. You can locate it on the map following the link

On the same map you'll find Independent Moscow University and Steklov Mathematical Institute.

The Guesthouse is located at Vavilov st. 7a, 300 meters from South entrance to the metro station "Leninsky Prospekt". The Guesthouse share the entrance with the Moscow University Higher School of Economics and is located on 12th and 13th floors of the HSE. This is a 16-store building, the entrance is located at the northern facade, which is the closest to the metro. The guarded entrance to the Guesthouse is closed between 1:30am and 6:00am; if you arrive late in the night, please, communicate with the organizers, we'll definitely find the way out.

All rooms are equipped with shower, WC, TV, refrigerator, and electric kettle, and the cable Internet. WiFi is available in most places of the building for eduroam users; it will be also possible to use the local WiFi network. A breakfast at HSE is available starting from 8am in the canteen located on the 10th floor; grocery and other shopping is possible in a Mega-mall  located on Vavilova street near the North entrance to Leninsky Prospekt metro station. In a short walk distance, on Leninsky Prospekt (one of the main Moscow streets), you'll find a choice of restaurants. One of the feature one is located across the third Transport Ring (underneath the boulevard, direction to the center) -- the "Taras Boulba Korchma" (Ukrainian and Russian food, dinner with vodka appr. 15 Euro). There are ATM machines and Currency Exchange (usually for USD and Euros) on Leninsky Prospekt.

To get from the Guesthouse to the Independent Moscow University the best way is by metro. You can go either to "Smolenskaya" (dark blue line) or to "Kropotkinskaya" (red line) from which you'll make a 10 minutes walk. To get to the Steklov Institute, the best way is to take tram (any line, the stop is right near the entrance), Southbound, (University Metro Station) till the stop "Ulica Gubkina". You can also go by minibus ("marshrutnoe taxi"), which take the same route as trams, or just walk (appr. 25 minutes).

Although substantial progress with accepting plastic cards is obvious in last years, in many places only cash is acceptable, so it is good to carry with you some money, 1,000 RUB = 15 Euro usually fit all immediate needs. To commute in Moscow, subway is the most convenient and reliable; tickets (magnet cards, actually) can be bought by the entrance; available are cards for 1 ride (50 roubles) and 2 rides (100 roubles); most vending machines accept only cash but some have option to pay with a card. Tram tickets you can either buy in kiosks (near stops) or directly with the driver (100 Roubles = 2-ride ticket), minibuses accept cash directly (usually 35-40 roubles per ride).

Computer facilities. All the participants can browse Internet from computers located in the Poncelet Lab. when at the IMU. At the Steklov Math. Inst., ask local organizers to assist with the access to computers at the Steklov  (L.Chekhov, M.Kazaryan et al). We expect that WiFi for participants of the workshop will be available on the 9th floor of the building.

Proceedings of the Workshop will be published as a special issue of SIGMA journal, see the proceedings site.

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