MathematicalBiology  Seminars

(Spring 2010)

3:00-3:50pm, Mondays

A304 Wells Hall

Michigan State University

East Lasing, MI 48824








Jan 11




Jan 18




Jan 25




Feb 1




Feb 8




Feb 15




Feb 22




March 1

Yuan Lou

Ohio State University

Non-random Dispersal of Interacting Species in Heterogeneous Landscapes

March 8



Midterm break

March 15

Shan Zhao

University of Alabama

A unified discontinuous Galerkin framework for time integration

March 22

Yusu Wang

Ohio State University

Analyzing protein folding simulation data using geometric and topological methods

March 29

Mark Abler

Notre Dame


April 5




April 12

Michael Feig

Michigan State

Conformational Sampling of Peptides in Cellular Environments

April 19

Yazhen Wang*

University of Wisconsin Madison

Modeling and Analyzing High-Frequency Financial Data

April 21

Gui-Rong Liu

Nat’al Univ of  Singapore


April 26




May 3

Qi Wang

University of South Carolina

Modeling complex fluids using kinetic theories

*Special Colloquium joint with the  Department of Statistics and Probability