Fall Term 2001 (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Math 319 Lecture 5: Techniques in Ordinary Differential Equations,
Math 763 Lecture 1: Introduction to Algebraic Geometry,

Spring Term 2001 (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Math 340 Lecture 4: Elementary Matrix and Linear Algebra,
Math 843 Lecture 8: Advanced Topics in Rings and Algebras

All the classes since Fall 2002 were taught at Michigan State unniversity.

Fall Term 2002

Math 132 Section 2: Calculus I

Spring 2003

Math 133: Calculus II

Fall 2003

Math 818: Graduate Algebra I (following S. Lang's book)

Spring 2004

Math 417: Topics in number theory (following Ireland and Rosen)
Math 819: Graduate algebra II (following S. Lang's book)

Fall 2004

Math 153H: Honors Calculus II
Math 916: Introduction to algebraic geometry (based on J. Harris' book and Hartshorne's chapter 1)

Spring 2005

Math 917: Introduction to algebraic geometry (based on Hartshorne's book, chapter 2)

Fall 2005

Math 133: AP Calculus II
Math 991: Algebraic Curves (based on some background material from Serre's "Local fields" and Hartshorne's chpter IV)

Fall 2006

MATH 133AP (Section 60): Calculus II
MATH 991: Algebraic Surfaces

Fall Term 2012

MATH 133 (Section 9-12 and 14-16): Calculus II

MATH 991: Special Topics course titled "Recent developments in Brauer groups"

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