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During fall semester of 2015, I am teaching MTH 202, Section 003.

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Quizzes and their solutions will be posted here shortly after they take place. Quizzes will take place every Friday (except for exam weeks), starting on 11 September. The exams are currently scheduled for 9 October and 6 November, with the final on 14 December. The Final Exam will take place on Monday, 14 December, from 10 AM to 12 PM. The exam will take place in 1279 Anthony Hall - note that this is not the regular classroom, so you should make sure that you know how to get to the correct room before the exam. If you are scheduled to take three or more exams (or two or more exams in MTH courses) on 14 December, you may be eligible for the makeup final exam on Tuesday, 15 December. See C212 Wells Hall for more information on the makeup final.