Workshop Description

The Michigan Center for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, a newly established center at the Michigan State University, is pleased to announce a two-day workshop on October 10-11, 2008, on “multi-scale modeling, analysis, and simulations.”

One of the main objectives of the MCIAM center is to expose local, national and international industry to skills and tools that modern applied mathematics can bring to bear on multiscale problems. Problems of interests are non-linear and span many temporal and spatial scales, making these problems challenging from both analytical and numerical perspectives. While modeling has been used as a tool to bridge a wide range of scales, it is the combination of modeling with simulation and analysis that has led to a range of successful tools for exploring these problems; yet there are many problems that remain well beyond the existing capabilities.

This second MCIAM workshop on Multiscale Modeling, Analysis and Simulation (MMAS) will focus on two topics:  multi-scale material science and multi-scale stochastic processes. A main goal of the workshop is to bring together researchers in various fields that involve analysis and computation of multiscale modeling and applications, especially in the areas of material science and stochasitc modeling. The workshop aims to offer a comfortable and spirited gathering to promote exchanging of ideas, to present significant findings, to discuss future directions, and to explore industrial applications.