98, rue Saint Charles
75015 Paris


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Enlargement shows where we live

in summer
red door is entry to building

corner of rue Saint Charles and Impasse St. C

We face the Impasse;
we're on the 2nd floor

view from front door, looking left


la cuisine américaine

with wine rack;
and "cuisinette avec lave-vaisselle"

cuisine from the séjour

séjour from the cuisine

with rug and end tables

table turned; doubled in size



bedroom & study windows look on the court, not the street

this took 3.5 hours to assemble - both of us working

this was easier

patisserie/ boulangerie artisanale en face

our favorite evening café

aerial photo(s) of Paris
David is on the Bois de Boulogne

séjour with early end tables

tables en route

dans le métro

our area;98 rue S C is marked on the enlargement

t.v. box was dining table for a week

le pont Mirabeau