November 29, 2001, Conan Leung,  University of Minnesota,

                  "Mirror Symmetry", -video-lan, -video-dialup, slides

           December 6, 2001, James Serrin, University of Minnesota,

                  "How do solutions of elliptic equations disappear at critical values?"                                     -video-lan, slides

           April 4, 2002: Peter Lax, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences,

                 "Multiple Eigenvalues," -video-lan, -video-dialup, -slides

           April 11, 2002: Steve Smale, University of California, Berkeley,

                  "Evolution of Language," -video-lan, -video-dialup,

    Richard E. Phillips Lecture Series - March, 2002

           March 26, 2002: Sir Michael Atiyah, "Polyhedra in Geometry, Physics, and Chemistry," Lecture 1 of 3 -video-lan, -video-dialup, slides

           March 28, 2002: Sir Michael Atiyah, "A Challenging Problem in Elementary Geometry," Lecture 2 of 3 -video-lan, -video-dialup, slides

          March 29, 2002: Sir Michael Atiyah, "Projective Planes and Spheres," Lecture 3 of 3 -video-lan, -video-dialup, slides