Matt Rathbun
RTG Postdoctoral Instructor
Michigan State University
A320 Wells Hall
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My research interests are in low dimensional topology, particularly 3-manifolds, and knot theory. More specifically, I am studying fibered knots, plumbed on Hopf bands, Seifert surfaces, and unknotting tunnels. My Ph.D. advisor is Abigail Thompson. I graduated in June, 2010.

I am working on several projects with Alexander Coward, Marion Moore Campisi, Mike Williams, Ken Baker, and Dorothy Buck.


High distance knots in closed 3-manifolds. Joint with Marion Moore Campisi. arXiv.

The visual boundary of Z^2. Joint with Kyle Kitzmiller. arXiv.
        This is work that resulted from an REU in 2006, supervised by Moon Duchin.

Fibered, Tunnel One Links. arXiv.

Curriculum Vitae:

My CV can be found here.


Math 330 - Higher Geometry - Summer Session I, 2011

Previously Taught:

Math 432 - Axiomatic Geometry - Spring Semester, 2011
Math 310 - Abstract Algebra - Fall Semester, 2010
Math 108 - Introduction to Abstract Math - Summer Session I, 2010
Calculus 21C - Summer Session I, 2008
Calculus 21A - Winter, 2006
Calculus 21C - Winter, 2006
Calculus 21A - Fall, 2006

Travel and Conferences:

Conference on 3- and 4-Dimensional Topology: In Honor of Martin Scharlemann, Davis, CA; June 23-25 2009
        Local Organizing Committee
Junior Topologists' Research Retreat, Davis, CA; June 26-29