Current semester

I am not teaching this semester.

Previous courses

Semester Course Role
Fall 2019 Calculus II (MTH-133) Instructor
Spring 2018 Transitions (MTH-299) Teaching Assistant
Fall 2017 Transitions (MTH-299) Teaching Assistant
Spring 2017 Calculus I (MTH-132) Instructor
Fall 2016 Calculus II (MTH-133) Instructor
Fall 2015 Calculus IV (MTH-235) Teaching Assistant
Summer 2015 Calculus II (MTH-133) Instructor
Spring 2015 Calculus II (MTH-133) Teaching Assistant
Fall 2014 Calculus II (MTH-133) Instructor
Summer 2014 Survey of Calculus I (MTH-124) Instructor
Spring 2014 Calculus IV (MTH-235) Teaching Assistant
Fall 2013 Survey of Calculus I (MTH-124) Instructor