(adapted from "Troop Program Resources")
Equipment: Blanket, if desired
Procedure: After a formal challenge, or elimination contests within the patrols, two patrol representatives lie down on a blanket, side by side, flat on their backs with their legs pointing in opposite directions. On the signal, "One," each contestant raises his inside leg to a vertical position. On "Two," the action is repeated, and on "Three," each tries to lock legs with his opponent and twist him over.
Scoring: The first Scout to twist his opponent over two out of three times is the winner. If both players are twisted over simultaneously it is a tie. As in all duel contests, the winner should be promptly challenged in a more or less formal manner by someone else until (1) a troop champion is found, (2) one Scout has been the winner three times in succession, (3) a certain number of rounds have been played, or (4) a set time has elapsed.
Last Revised 11/19/02
John D. McCarthy