(adapted from "Troop Program Resources")

Equipment: For each patrol, eight small, numbered stakes, set in the ground 5 feet apart in a north-south line. For each Scout, one orienteering compass and one large paper bag.

Procedure: One Scout from each patrol stands at each of the eight stakes. Scouts from one patrol set their compasses between 45 degrees and 135 degrees; boys from the opposing patrol, between 225 degrees and 315 degrees. A paper bag is then placed over the head of each Scout, making him just able to see the ground and the compass in his hand. Each Scout turns himself around three times, then follows the bearing on his compass for 100 steps. He then turns around and follows back bearing (orienting the arrow toward him instead of away from him) for 95 steps. Only Scouts within 10 steps of their marker score.

Scoring: The patrol with the most points wins.

Last Revised 03/28/03
John D. McCarthy