Industrial Mathematics

modeling in industry, science, and government
C. R. MacCluer,  Prentice Hall,  2000
This book is for senior, or masters student of mathematics, engineering,or science about to enter the workforce. The book surveys the mathematicsof most use in industry. The graduate may be well- grounded in the fundamentalsof mathematics but not in its practice. Although changing of late throughthe efforts of COMAP, SIAM, and NSA, the graduating student has littleexperience in modeling or in the particular extensions of mathematics usefulin industrial problems. They may know power series but not the z-transform,orthogonal matrices but not factor analysis, Laplace transforms but notBode Plots. Most certainly they will have no experience with problems incorporatingthe unit $. Mathematicians in industry must be able to see their work froman economic viewpoint. They must also be able to communicate with engineersusing their common dialect, the dialect of this book. 

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