Chuck MacCluer

Amateur Radio: W8MQW

I am interested in weak signal communication at 432 MHz and up. I presently run 1500 Watts on 432 moonbounce to eight FO22 yagis. Here is my 432 array.  

Here are some interesting links:

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K2AH 1296 Amplifiers

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Symposium 99

Bluegrass music

I play fiddle with the Bluegrass Extension Service, a Michigan fixture for the past 25 years. A band photo.

For bookings contact Erik Goodman.


Ann and I raise (black) Rambouillet and Suffolk sheep for custom lamb as well as quality Nubian milk goats. Ask for availability of stock.

Pastoral views of our farm:

Ann and the kids.

Looking south.

Looking north from the deck.

Looking SouthEast.

Looking up the lane.


Becky and Twist.

Our flock.

Zack and Bandit.

Tina and cria Sanchez

Sanchez after a bad haircut




Some favorite places

rue Cler, Paris 7e

Hotel Leveque, Paris 7e

Auberge Bonaparte, Vieux Port, Montreal

Chateau Rousson, St. Remy, Provence

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