Recent Works



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1.     ¡§Mixed volume computation in solving polynomial systems¡¨, with Tsung-Lin Lee  (download)

2.     ¡§HOM4PS-2.0: A software package for solving polynomial systems by the polyhedral homotopy

     continuation method¡¨, with Tsung-Lin Lee and Chih-Hsiung Tsai  (download)

3.     ¡§HOM4PS-2.0para: Parallelization of HOM4PS-2.0 for solving polynomial systems¡¨ with Chih-Hsiung Tsai  (download)

4.     ¡§Hom4PS-3: A parallel numerical solver for systems of polynomial equations based on polyhedral homotopy continuation method" (with Tianran Chen and T. Lee), J. of Symbolic Computation (2017), pp. 516-534. (download)