Graduate student:

  • Chris Cornwell (PhD 2011), 3 year postdoc at Duke University, then CIRGET Postdoctoral Fellow.
    Now Assistant Professor (tt) and Fisher Endowed Chair at Townson University, MD.
    Thesis: Invariants of Topological and Legendrian Links in Lens Spaces with a Universally Tight Contact Structure

  • Thomas Jaeger (PhD 2011), Philip T. Church Postdoctoral Fellow at Syracuse University.
    Now software engineer at Google, SF
    Thesis: Topics in Link Homology

  • Cheryl Balm (PhD 2013), 3-year postdoc at Kansas State University.
    Now Assistant Professor (tt) at De Anza College, CA
    Thesis: Topics in Knot Theory: On generalized crossing changes and the additivity of the Turaev Genus.

  • Adam Giambrone (PhD 2014), Visiting Assistant Professor (3-year) at the University of Connecticut.
    Now Assistant Professor (tt) at Elmira College, NY
    Thesis: A Combinatorial Approach to Knot Theory: Volume Bounds for Hyperbolic, Semi-Adequate Link Complements.

  • Christine Lee (PhD 2015), NSF Research Postdoctoral Fellow and Instructor (3-year) at University of Texas, Austin.
    Now Assistant Professor (tt) at the University of South Alabama.
    Thesis: Jones type link invariants and applications to 3-manifold topology.

  • Stephan D. Burton (PhD 2017), NSA, Washington DC
    Thesis: Volumes, Determinants and Meridian Lengths of Hyperbolic Links.

  • Sunjay Kumar, (PhD, 2021), 3 year postdoc at University of California Santa Barbara.
    Thesis: Asymptotics of the Turaev-Viro Invariants and Their Connections in Low-Dimensional Topology.

  • Brandon Bavier, (PhD, 2021) Visiting assistant Professor, Sam Houston State University.
    Thesis: Diagrammatic and Geometric Invariants of Hyperbolic Weakly Generalized Alternating Knots.

  • Michael Shultz, (PhD, Fall 2021)
    Thesis: Homology polynomial and Burau representation of psudo-Anosov braids.

  • Joseph Melby, (PhD expected 2023)
    Thesis Topic: Quantum Topology

  • Robert McConkey, (PhD expected 2024)
    Thesis Topic: Knot invariants

  • Dean Spyropoulos, (PhD expected 2025)