Using Riemann for the HP 38G


The Riemann program calculates the left-hand, right-hand, trapezoid, midpoint, and Simpson Riemann sums which are commonly used to estimate the value of a single definite integral of a reasonably well-behaved real-valued function.

This program provides ONLY the calculated sums' values.  If you wish to view a graphical display of the geometry used for each sum, use the aplet called 'RSum' instead.


  1. To begin, enter the integrand into the F1(X) slot in the symbols mode.  (The integrand MUST be F1(X)!):
  2. Start the program RIEMANN from the Program menu.
  3. Read the instructions that appear.  Notice that each of the sums calculated is stored (for later use) in the variable named.  When you are ready to proceed, press any key.
  4. When the input screen appears, enter the left (H-MIN) and right (H-MAX) limits of integration followed by the number of subintervals (# OF SUBS) to be used.  These must be enclosed in braces and must be entered in precisely this order: {H-MIN, H-MAX, # OF SUBS}.  For example, to integrate from 2 to 5 using 13 subintervals, you would enter {2,5,13}.
  5. The various Riemann sums will be displayed in succession.  When you are ready to view the next, press the 'OK' key (upper right-hand corner).