Riemann Sums Program (Casio):

To enter the program, press 'MODE' then '2' to select'WRT' mode. Move the cursor to an empty program number, then press 'EXE'.You'll see a blank screen with a blinking cursor at the upper left corner.Now you can proceed to the beginning of the program. When finished, press'MODE' then '1' to get back to 'RUN' mode.
NOTE: In our experience, the details of the output part of the program (the last four lines) are rather fragile in the sense that, while the lines listed here worked correctly on the CFX-9800G-w machines we tested, they will almost certainly require modification for other versions of these calculators and for other CASIO models. READ YOUR MANUAL!

To run this program:

  1. The integrand (the function you integrate) f(x)must be entered as f1,with X as the independent variable.
  2. Make sure the lower limit is less than the upper limit.
  3. Test it on the integral with 100 subintervals. You should get 19.7408 and 20.2608, respectively.