TenEig is written in MATLAB and provides routines for solving different kinds of eigenvalue problems of a tensor, like E-eigenvalues, eigenvalues, Z-eigenvalues (real E-eigenvalues), H-eigenvalues (real eigenvalues), or more general mode-k eigenvalues. The corresponding eigenpairs are also provided. Please check out our paper1 (SIAMX) and paper2 for more details.



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TenEig, version 2.0

  • Download: (For MATLAB versions between 2010 and 2015a)

  • Note: The package can also be used in MATLAB 2015b or newer versions, however, for unknown reasons, TenEig runs slower on these newest versions. We are still working on this.

  • TenEig 2.0 Release Notes

  • Paper (Linear Homotopy)

  • Updated: May 3, 2016

TenEig, version 1.1

TenEig, version 1.0

Examples of Tensor

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Users' Guide for Version 2.0

teneig: find mode-k generalized eigenpairs for m≠m'

rteneig: find real generalized eigenpairs for m≠m'

teig: find Qi-eigenpairs or mode-k generalized eigenpairs for m=m'

rteig: find real generalized eigenpairs for m=m'

zeig: find Z-eigenpairs

eeig: find E-eigenpairs

heig: find H-eigenpairs


Consult TenEig Frequently Asked Questions.

Please contribute to our FAQ if you feel some questions are missing by emailing the TenEig team.


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TenEig — Tensor Eigenpairs Solver