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General Information

This is the first course in the two-course qualifying sequence for partial differential equations. For graduate students in the mathematics department, this course is intended to be the part of the preparation for the qualifying exam in PDE; see the graduate student handbook for more information concerning the qualifying exams.

This course provides a first introduction to the theoretical study of PDEs. After an opening discussion on general questions (What are PDEs? Where do they come from? Why do we study them? What are the questions we ask?), the course focuses on demonstrating many fundamental concepts and techniques through examination of four classical types of equations.

Along the way, as time permits, some additional topics may be discussed.

Practical information


Professor Willie W. Wong
Office: D-303 Wells Hall
E-mail: wongwwy@math
Office hours: Wednesdays 9:30a - 11:10a or by appointment

Reference textbook

The course will not specifically follow any textbook per se, but the vast majority of the material covered in the course (and 100% of that which will appear on the qualifying exam) can be found in L.C.Evans' Partial Differential Equations, 2nd edition.

Homework assignments

Six sets of homeworks will be assigned, collected, and graded. Your grader is Seonghyeon Jeong (jeongs10@math). You will have at least one week after the assignment to complete the homework problems; the due dates will be announced on the assignments. No late homework will be accepted under any circumstances.


There will be two in-class exams for the course.

Solutions to exam 1 is now available.
Solutions to exam 2 is now available.


Each exam will account for 20% of your final grade; each homework assignment will make up 10%.

Collaboration is encouraged for the homework assignments, provided:

Collaboration is not allowed on the in-class exams. The general MSU rules concerning academic integrity applies.

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