Versailles-the fountains

I went on a Sunday, when the fountains were working,
to see the reconstructed version of the
Bosquet des Trois Fontaines,
which was originally designed by Louis XIV.


3_fontaines top

3_fontaines top

3_fontaines vasque bewteen levels

3_fontaines the two lower levels

3_fontaines lowest

3_fontaines (5b)

3_fontaines -looking back up

bain d'Apollon

fountain called "the obelisque

parterres (1)

parterres (1b)

parterres (2)

season -summer, I think

season (3)

the Dragon

waiting for the Neptune to start
- you can see the Dragon behind

starting up - the Dragon is behind-
also the allée going uphill

zNeptune (3)

zNeptune (4)

zNeptune (5)

on all these pictures the camera was
much faster than the eye
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