Timothy Nguyen
Visiting Assistant Professor
Office: Wells C-207

Research Interests

I am a mathematician inspired by fundamental problems in physics. Specifically, I use techniques spanning differential analysis, gauge theory, homological algebra, and stochastic analysis to increase our understanding of quantum field theory. My most recent work includes
  • investigating the conventional paradigm that formal perturbation theory is consistent with lattice/stochastic methods, for 2D Yang-Mills
  • extending perturbative Wilson loop computations to higher order in 2D Yang-Mills
  • providing a rigorous treatment of perturbative path integral techniques using differentio-geometric methods
  • analyzing anomalies in the nonlinear sigma model using cohomological methods
  • Batalin-Vilkovisky quantization


Some animation videos about my work directed towards the wider research community:

The Perturbative Approach to Path Integrals

Quantum Yang-Mills Theory in Two Dimensions

An external discussion about these videos can be found here.