Papers, Preprints, and In preparation.

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Manifolds with many hyperbolic planes, joint with Samuel Lin , To appear in Differential Geometry and its Applications.

Detecting the moments of inertia of a molecule via its rotational spectrum, II, joint with Craig Sutton , Under revision.

Three-manifolds with constant vector curvature one, joint with Jon Wolfson , To appear in Comptes Rendus Mathematique.

Real projective spaces with all geodesics closed, joint with Samuel Lin , To appear in Geometric and Functional Analysis.

Quasicircle boundaries and exotic almost isometries, joint with Jean Lafont and Wouter van Limbeek , To appear in Annales de lInstitut Fourier.

Three-manifolds with many flat planes, joint with Renato Bettiol , To appear in Transactions of the American Mathematical Society.

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