Math 133 Spring 2011  

Math 133 — Calculus II

Sections 6-10 and 16-20, Spring 2013

Volume by Slices

Thomas H Parker
C-346 Wells Hall

Office Hours: Mon. 3-4, Tues. 11-12, Thurs. 3-4.

        Math 133 (Calculus 2) is a continution of Math 132 (Calculus I).         It is a 4-hour couse, with lectures MWF and recitation sessions         on Thursdays. Math 133 covers applications of integration,         techniques of integration, and series.

      Course Syllabus:  Course Syllabus

                                            Syllabus for Last Month

Textbook:  Salas, Etgen and Hille, Calculus. This course will cover most of Chapters~6-8 and 10-12.

Download Material:  Worksheet 7.3   IVP   Integrals to Date    Sec8.1   Trig Powers  Exam2-Summary   Partial Fractions                                             Polar Zoo    Section10.3HW   Series Worksheet      Improper Integrals    Series Tests 1     Series Worksheet 

                                         Complete Series Tests     Taylor Series     ***Note on Hw26***

Final Exam Preparation:  Topics Covered     Practice Final 1           Solutions to P-Final 1

                                                                                   Practice Final 2          Solutions to P-Final 2

Final Exam: given Tuesday, May 30, 10 am -- noon. LOOK UP THE LOCATION OF YOUR EXAM on this page.

Review Sessions:    There is one remaining Review Session:

Monday 6-7:30 pm B115 Wells Hall Prof T Parker


WebWork: The homework problems for this course are assigned using the WebWork system. Begin by going to the Webwork site.

Math Learning Centers (MLC): Friendly, free help on homework from other students and from experienced TAs. The main MLC is located on the first floor of the C-wing of Wells Hall. Satellite MLCs are in the Union Building and in McDonel, Hubbard, Brody and Holden Halls. The MLC hours at the various locations are posted here.

Lecture Notes for    Days 1-6    Feb 8   Feb 22    Feb 28  

Quiz and Exam Solutions: listed by the time of your Recitation Section.

9:10 am Section Exam1A Exam2A Exam3A Quiz6A Quiz7A Exam4A  
10:20 am Section Exam1B Exam2B Exam3B Quiz6B Quiz7B Exam4B  
11:30 am Section Exam1C Exam2C Exam3C Quiz6C Quiz7C Exam4C  
12:40 am Section Exam1D Exam2D Exam3D Quiz6D Quiz7D Exam4D