Papers published or submitted

 On knot Floer homology and cabling, 
    Algebraic & Geometric Topology 5 (2005) 1197–1222Publications_files/agt-5-48.pdf
Knot Floer homology of Whitehead doubles,
    Geometry and Topology  11 (2007) 2277–2338Publications_files/gt-11-046.pdf
(w. P. Ording) The Ozsváth-Szabó and Rasmussen concordance invariants are not equal,
    American Journal of Mathematics 130(2) (2008) 441-453Publications_files/0512348v1.pdf
An Ozsváth-Szabó Floer homology invariant of knots in a contact manifold,
    Advances in Mathematics  219 (2008) 89–117Publications_files/tbsubmit.pdf
Notions of positivity and the Ozsvath-Szabo concordance invariant,
     Journal of Knot Theory and its Ramifications 19(5) (2010) 617-629Publications_files/SQP.pdf
On knot Floer homology and cabling II
    International Mathematics Research Notices (2009) rnp015, 2248-2274Publications_files/0806.2172v2.pdf
Some remarks on cabling, contact structures, and complex curves, 
    Proceedings of the 2007 Gokova Geometry and Topology Conference (2008) 49-59Publications_files/cablingcotactcomplex.pdf


 On knot Floer homology and cabling, 
    Ph.D. Thesis, Columbia UniversityPublications_files/thesis.pdf
On Floer homology and the Berge conjecture on knots admitting lens space surgeries, 
    Transactions of the American Mathematical Society 363(2) (2011) 949-968Publications_files/HeddenTRAN5117.pdf
(w. K. Baker & E. Grigsby) Grid Diagrams for Lens Spaces and Combinatorial Knot Floer Homology, 
    International Mathematics Research Notices  (2008) rnn024, 39 pagesPublications_files/0710.0359v2.pdf
Khovanov homology of the 2-cable detects the unknot
    Mathematical Research Letters 16(6) (2009) 991-994Publications_files/Hedden-1.pdf
(w. L. Watson) Does Khovanov homology detect the unknot?
    American Journal of Mathematics 132(5) (2010) 1339-1345Publications_files/paper-AJM-version.pdf
(w. Y. Ni) Manifolds with small Heegaard Floer ranks
    Geometry & Topology 14 (2010) 1479-1501Publications_files/smallranks.pdf
(w. C. Livingston & D. Ruberman) Topologically slice knots with nontrivial Alexander polynomial
   Advances in Mathematics 231(2) (2012) 913-939Publications_files/topslicepoly1.pdf
(w. P. Kirk) Instantons, concordance, and Whitehead doubling
    Journal of Differential Geometry 91(2) (2012) 281-391Publications_files/CSWhitehead.pdf
(w. A. Juhasz & S. Sarkar) On sutured Floer homology and the equivalence of Seifert surfaces
   Algebraic & Geometric Topology 13(1) (2013) 505-548Publications_files/seifert.pdf
(w. P. Kirk) Chern-Simons, Instantons, and Z/2 homology cobordism
   Chern-Simons gauge theory: 20 years after, AMS/IP Stud. Adv. Math. 50, (2011) 83-114Publications_files/CSinstantonversionsenttoHans.pdf
(w. P. Kirk & C. Livingston) Non-slice linear combinations of algebraic knots
   Journal of the European Mathematical Society 14(4) (2012) 1181-1208Publications_files/Non-slice%20linear%20combinations%20of%20algebraic%20knots.pdf
(w. T. Cochran, B. Franklin, & P. Horn) Knot concordance and homology cobordism
    Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society 141(6) (2013) 2193-2208Publications_files/KNOT%20CONCORDANCE%20AND%20HOMOLOGY%20COBORDISM.pdf
(w. O. Plamenevskaya) Dehn surgery, rational open books and knot Floer homology
    Algebraic & Geometric Topology 13(3) (2013) 1815-1856Publications_files/DEHN%20SURGERY,%20RATIONAL%20OPEN%20BOOKS,%20AND%20KNOT%20FLOER%20HOMOLOGY.pdf
(w. C. Herald & P. Kirk) The pillowcase and perturbations of traceless representations of knot groups
    to appear Geometry & TopologyPublications_files/perturbationsGT.pdf
(w. Y. Ni) Khovanov module and the detection of unlinks
    to appear Geometry & TopologyPublications_files/HomoActGT.pdf
(w. C. Livingston & Se-Goo Kim) Topologically slice knots of smooth concordance order two
(w. A. Levine) Splicing knot complements and bordered Floer homology
    to appear  J. Reine Angew. Math.Publications_files/splicing4.pdf
(w. L. Watson) On the geography and botany of knot Floer homology
(w. M. Borodzik & C. Livingston) Plane algebraic curves of arbitrary genus via Heegaard Floer homology
(w. T. Mark) Floer homology and fractional Dehn twistsfile://localhost/mycv.pdf
(w. C. Herald & P. Kirk)  Pillowcase homology I: A lagrangian Floer analogue of singular instanton homologyPublications_files/perturbationsGT_1.pdf
(w. C. Herald & P. Kirk) Pillowcase homology II: Exact triangles and a spectral sequence from Khovanov homologyPublications_files/perturbationsGT_2.pdf
(w. J. Baldwin & A. Lobb) On the functoriality of Khovanov-Floer theories

Articles actively in preparation(preprints available upon request)

Articles on hold that I plan to finish someday(drafts available upon request)

(w. Sucharit Sarkar) Knot Floer homology and Murasugi sums
Knot theory and algebraic curves in subcritical Stein domains
Knot Floer homology and the relative adjunction inequalityPublications_files/1409.2111_3.pdf