Stretcher Relay

Excerpted from Woods Wisdom, Troop Program Features, Junior Leader Program Planning Aid
Copyright 1996, Boy Scouts of America, ISBN 0-8395-4308-5

Equipment: Two staves, one strong blanket, and one inflated balloon for each patrol.

Item Person responsible for bringing
4 staves (2 per patrol) Gena Swanson (see Problem 5)
2 strong blankets (1 per patrol) John McCarthy (see Problem 5)
2 inflated balloons (1 per patrol) Nathaniel

Method: This is not a speed relay. Patrols line up in relay formation, with two "victims" in front of each. On signal, two members of each patrol run up with the blanket and two staves, make a stretcher, and put one victim on it. The junior leader (or judge) places the inflated balloon on the victim when the stretcher carriers are ready to lift the stretcher. The carriers take the victim to the starting line without letting the balloon fall off. The victim may not hold onto the balloon. (The balloon is to assure care rather than speed.) At the starting line, the carriers lift the victim off and two other Scouts run up to make a stretcher for transporting the second victim.

Scoring: The patrol bringing both victims most carefully (without letting the balloon fall off) to the starting line wins.

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