Vivek Dhand

firstname dot lastname at gmail dot com

Here is a pdf copy of my CV.


I am interested in interactions between representation theory and combinatorics: especially geometric structures associated to algebraic groups, crystal bases for quantum groups, and chain coverings of posets.

Preprints and papers

  1. A combinatorial proof of strict unimodality for q-binomial coefficients.
  2. Rank-unimodality of Young's lattice via explicit chain decomposition.
  3. Tropical decomposition of Young's partition lattice. To appear in J. Alg. Comb.
  4. Symmetric chain decomposition of necklace posets. Elec. J. Combin. 19 (2012) P26.
  5. Geometric Langlands duality and forms of reductive groups. (Thesis)

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